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First of all,  we want you to please relate this message to the graduate from us.


To all the mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends of the young lady or gentleman graduating from Lackland AFB, my heart is with you.  I know exactly how proud you are and how concerned you might be at this time of reverence and celebration. 

I know, because I am the mother of a son who went into the military.  No worries, he made it back alright, but he did go to Iraq and he did fight in 2 major battles there. 
He still has all his fingers and his toes, but he has a major scar that runs from his wrist to his elbow, as a remembrance of what might have been.  He was injured in the Battle of Falujah and he did receive 2 purple hearts.  They were bestowed to him by Governor Rick Perry.  We are all very proud of him.  So, I know how proud you all are.

I try to make the families of Graduates especially comfortable when they have the opportunity to see their child again for the first time since they kissed and hugged them good-bye all those weeks ago.  They have come so far since you saw them last.  I smile as I think of how they say Ma'am and Sir so much more now than they used to.  They are so Awesome!  Take A LOT of tissue to graduation!

It is my hope that when you choose to stay at Das Liszt Ferienhaus for this event you all have the opportunity to create a marvelous memory.  One that these children can hold onto even in the face of something very frightening.  Most of the time the graduating child prefers to stay at the house with the family, rather than even being gifted with a night at one of the most expensive hotels on the river.  

The home is filled with everything you need to prepare their favorite foods, foods they have thought about over and over during this time away.  By now, they have probably already told you that "family home cooking" is the first thing they want to eat.  They want their favorite dish only you can make.

Please know that all my guests are special to me, but the families of graduating military hold a very special place in my heart.


Laralee List Wahrmund

My Son Kristofer in Iraq


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